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Lydia Walker - Age 86 Years

The gravestone of Lydia Walker of Easington, aged 86. Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads;

In memory of Lydia the wife of Francis Walker who departed this life March 31st 1855 aged 86 years. Why should we dread our mortal doom. That turns us back to clay. And tremble at the awful doom and shudder at decay. Not while I feel the mortal throb, Oh be my sins forgiven. Then death shall pave the gate of life. The grave my road to heaven.

Parish Register; 1855 Apr 5th Lydia Walker, Easington 85.

The 1851 census lists Lydia Walker, Widow, 82, residing down Beck Lane with Lydia Medforth, House Servant, 17.

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