Mary Jane Webster - Age 31 years,
Mary Jane Webster - Age 11 months, Minnie Webster - Age 1 year

The gravestone of Mary Jane Webster and her daughters Mary Jane and Minnie. Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads;

Sacred to the memory of Mary Jane the beloved wife of Robert Henry Webster who died Sept 22nd 1878 aged 31 years. Also Mary Jane their daughter who died August 22nd 1879 aged 11 months. Also Minnie their daughter who died at Leeds, April 10th 1876 aged 1 year “I know that my redeemer liveth”.

Parish Register;
1878 Sep 25th Mary Jane Webster Easington 31.
1879 Aug 25th Mary Jane Webster Easington 11 months.

Robert Henry Webster was the founder of R. H. Webster shop in Easington and was still run by the same family until it closed in recent years. He was the son of Barrington Webster, also shown on this site. This stone is to his wife and two daughters.

Robert Henry Webster died in 1929 aged 81 years. He is buried in the Cemetery at Easington.

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