Amelia Tennison - Age 34 Years,
Mary Jane Tennison - Age 7 Years, Amelia Tennison - Age 4 years

The gravestone of Amelia Tennison and two of her daughters
The gravestone of Amelia Tennison and two of her daughters. Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads;

In affectionate remembrance of Amelia the wife of John Tennison who died March 13th 1860 aged 34 years. Also Mary Jane who died May 1st 1860 aged 7 years. Also Amelia who died Septbe. 16th 1863 aged 4 years. Daughters of the above. Two children dear lie by my side, Two others on earth still abide, May they through life safely steer, And then in Heaven with us appear.

Parish Register;
1860 Mar 16th Amelia Tennison, Kilnsea 35.
1860 May 12th Mary Jane Tennison, Kilnsea 6.
1863 Sep 17th Amelia Tennison, Kilnsea 4.

The 1861 census records show John Tennison, Widower, a Farmer of 25 acres, residing at North Lane, Kilnsea, aged 38, with his daughter Ann, age 9 yrs, son John, age 4 yrs and daughter Amelia, age 1 yr.

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