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Thomas Staples - Age 26 Years,
Emma Staples - Age 3 Years, Ernest Staples - Age 1 Year,
Also seven unnamed children who died in infancy

The gravestone of Thomas Staples and nine of his siblings
The gravestone of Thomas Staples and nine of his siblings. Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads;

Sacred to the memory of Thomas William the beloved son of John and Lydia Staples, who died Septbr 17th 1879, aged 26 years. Also Emma, their daughter who died May 22nd 1863, aged 3 years. Also Ernest their son who died May 30th 1863, aged 1 year. Also seven who died in infancy. The ocean crossed, no wanderer lost a family in Heaven.

Parish Register;
1879 Sep 21st Thomas William Staples, Withernsea 26.
1863 May 24th Emma Staples, Easington 3.
1863 Jun 1st Ernest Staples, Easington 1.

The 1861 census records Lydia Staples 37, a Labourer's wife, residing down Beck Side, with a son Thos .Wm. Staples, 11, and daughter Emma, 1.

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