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Sarah Sharp - Age 5 Years, Jane Sharp - Age 3 Years,
Walter Sharp - Age 3 Years

The gravestone of three children of the Sharp family
The gravestone of three children of the Sharp family. Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads;

In memory of Sarah Sharp daughter of Walter and Mary Sharp. Who died 14th March 1856 aged 5 years. Also Jane Sharp who died 11th Dec. 1857 aged 3 years. Also Walter Sharp who died 10th Jany. 1864 aged 3 years.

Parish Register;
1856 Mar 18th Sarah Sharp, Kilnsea 5.
1857 Dec 14th Jane Sharp, Kilnsea 3.
1864 Jan 13th Walter Sharp, Kilnsea 3.

The 1861 census for Kilnsea lists Walter Sharp as Head aged 41 years, a Farmer of 92 acres, Mary, his wife aged 42 years (both born at Welwick), three daughters Mary Ann, Elizabeth, and Sarah, aged 12, 8, and 4 years respectively their son Walter 6 months as shown on the gravestone above, a Richard G. Johnson, 24 years, Plough Man, James Quinton, 13 years, Plough Boy, and Sarah Connor, 15 years, Dairy Maid.

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