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Robert Pattinson Proctor - Age 40 Years, Jane Pattinson - Age 65 Years
Prudence Turner - Age 33 Years

A plaque inside All Saints' church dedicated to Robert Pattinson
A plaque inside All Saints' church dedicated to Robert Pattinson, his wife Jane and their daughter Prudence Turner. Photograph - Mike Welton

The plaque reads;

Near to this monument beneath the stone inscribed with their respective names lie interred the remains of Robert Pattinson of Easington, Proctor, who died the 16th day of March 1746 in the 40th year of his age. He was highly esteemed through life and his death was deeply lamented by a large circle of respectable friends. Of Jane Pattinson the wife of the above named Robert Pattinson, who died on the 30th day of May 1767 in the 66th year of her age. During the course of her long life a great part of which was passed in widowhood & in the management of much business, it was her principle aim to adorn the doctrine of her blessed redeemer in whose merits alone she trusted for salvation & by whose grace she was enabled to live in the exemplary practise of extensive and unwearied charity, and every christian duty. Of Prudence Turner daughter of the above named Robert and Jane Pattinson and the wife of Robert Turner of Kingston upon Hull, Master Mariner & Ship Owner. She died on the 10th day of June 1766, in the 34th year of her age regretted by all who knew her, having been blessed with a sweetness of disposition & beauty of person rarely united.

Parish Register;
1745 Mar 18th Mr Robert Pattinson, Proctor.
1767 Jun 2nd Mrs Jane Pattinson, Widow.
1766 Jun 13th Prudence the wife of Robert Turner Of Hull, Mariner.

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