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Llewellyn Maddock - Age 10 years

The memorial to Llewellyn Maddock in All Saints' Church
The memorial to Llewellyn Maddock in All Saints' Church. Photograph - Mike Welton

Mounted on the wall of the church is this plaque, and although not buried here (his body was never recovered from the Humber) it records the incident.

Inscription reads;

In memory of Llewellyn the dearly beloved son Of the Rev. H. E. & Constance Maddock of Patrington Rectory who was drowned in the Humber, off Whitton, on August 21st 1890 aged 10 years. While sailing with his friend the Rev. C. M. Barnes, in his boat Kate. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Below is a report from a newspaper at the time.

Hull Daily Mail, 26th August 1890

Fatal Boating Accident on the Humber

It is with deep regret we report a sad drowning accident, which occurred to the son of Rev. H. E. Maddock, Vicar of Patrington, on Friday morning, near Whitton on the Lincolnshire side of the Humber.
The Rev. C. M. Barnes, of Easington and Master M. Maddock, had been on a visit to the Rev. Arthur Maister, of Whitton-cum-Aukborough and had set out again on the return journey in Mr. Barnes' small yacht. It was necessary to tack and in doing so it is supposed that the sail had thrown Mr. Barnes' little companion into the water. Mr. Barnes heard no splash and only missed the boy from behind the sail when no reply came to the request to 'reach him his hat'. He instantly looked back and saw the little fellow in the water at a short distance in the wake of the boat. Horror stricken but with perfect presence of mind, Mr. Barnes put the boat about, shouting to the boy to float as he was a good swimmer. But the tide was running swift and strong, and before he could be reached the poor boy had sunk never to rise again. All attempts to recover the body have hitherto failed. The boy was eight years of age and at the time of the accident wore a blue fisherman's jersey. After telegraphing the sad news to his parents, the Rev. C. M. Barnes returned to Holderness.
Mr. Maddock, who was on holiday reached Patrington later in the evening. The sad occurrence has cast a gloom over the district not only on the account of the sad bereavement of the parents, but also because of the boy's own personal character, ability and promise.

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