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Francis Dent - Age 69 Years, Catherine Dent - Age 73 Years

The gravestone of Francis and Catherine Dent
The gravestone of Francis and Catherine Dent, returned to Easington after a mysterious stay in Kilnsea. Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads;

In affectionate remembrance of Francis Dent of Easington. Who departed this life on the 26th of January 1870 aged 69 years. Why should our tears in sorrow flow, when God recalls his own and bids them leave a world of woe for an immortal crown. Also Catherine his wife who died June 6th 1880 aged 73 years.

Parish Register;
1870 Janry. 29th Francis Dent Easington 69.
1880 June 9th Catherine Dent Easington 73.

This gravestone, like those of Elsa Kettle and Thomas Petch, was also retrieved from “Kew Villa” at Kilnsea, in 2007. See article here.

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