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Eliza Clubley - Age 15 Years

The gravestone of Eliza Clubley
The gravestone of Eliza Clubley. Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads;

In memory of Eliza the beloved daughter of Henry and Ann Clubley, who departed this life December 10 1862, aged 15 years. Go home dear friends and shed no tears. Here I must sleep till Christ appears. And when he comes I hope to have, a joyful rising from my grave.

Parish Register; 1861 Dec 13th Eliza Clubley, Easington 15.

The 1861 census for Easington lists Eliza as a scholar aged 13 years, daughter of Henry Clubley, a farmer aged 42 years, who with his wife Ann aged 45 years, lived down High Street. In addition to Eliza there were six other children, three sons, Benjamin 11, George Henry 7, Theophilus 6, three daughters, Anne Elizabeth 9, ? 4, Ellen 3.

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