SKEALS Photo Gallery
May 2010

Welcome to the SKEALS Photo Gallery. This page contains twelve pictures taken in the SKEALS area of Spurn,
Kilnsea, Easington and Out Newton.  It is our aim to change the pictures in the gallery every month. Pictures
on the page can be new or old, colour or black and white. The only stipulation is that the owner of the
photograph must give permission for it to appear and any recognisable figures in photographs must also give
their permission for it to appear.

If you have any photographs you would like to have considered for publication on this page please e-mail
them to us at

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This month our Photo Gallery is dedicated to the activities and pastimes that are enjoyed in the area. Without doubt,
our area is very important for its birds and these attract many human visitors, especially in spring and autumn when many
migrants pass through. Spurn is owned and manged by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Many relics of two World Wars can be
seen, especially some of the remaining pill boxes. Sea fishing is a relaxing way of spending a few hours but is often
preceded by the more strenuous activity of bait digging. Many walkers visit the area and for the less energetic a bus
runs along the Point on Sundays and Bank Holidays during the summer. Residents enjoy bowls in the Community Hall in Easington
and three football teams play in local leagues. Anyone doubting the beauty of the area should hang around until evening
when some spectacular sunsets over the Humber can be seen.