SKEALS Photo Gallery
July 2010

Welcome to the SKEALS Photo Gallery. This page contains twelve pictures taken in the SKEALS area of Spurn,
Kilnsea, Easington and Out Newton.  It is our aim to change the pictures in the gallery every month. Pictures
on the page can be new or old, colour or black and white. The only stipulation is that the owner of the
photograph must give permission for it to appear and any recognisable figures in photographs must also give
their permission for it to appear.

If you have any photographs you would like to have considered for publication on this page please e-mail
them to us at

Please click here to view the first photograph

The inspiration and most of the photographs in this month's Photo Gallery are due to SKEALS' member Brian Parker.
Holderness is blessed with many beautiful churches and Brian's pictures show this perfectly. Why the picture from
Paull? Simple, it is easier for me to make the number up to twelve than change the number of pictures in the gallery.