The three gas companies, Perenco, Gassco and Centrica, bring ashore and process natural gas at Easington, and every year, since 2010, Mercury Marketing have liaised with these gas companies and the local community to produce an annual calendar.

The calendars are issued free to all the inhabitants of Easington and Kilnsea and provide infomation on what to do in the case of an incident or emergency at the gas terminals.

Before each calendar is produced, SKEALS local history group are approached to choose the theme and provide the images to be printed. Over the years a variety of subjects, from local landscapes to First World War postcards, farming scenes, and weather photos have illustrated the calendars, as shown below:

2021 Coming Soon!

2020 Eastend Wildlife

Calendar 2020 front cover

2019 Eastend Hostelries

Calendar 2019 front cover

2018 The Weather

Calendar 2018 front cover

2017 Farming from a Bygone Age

Calendar 2017 front cover

2016 Now and Then

Calendar 2016 front cover

2015 Postcards from the First World War

Calendar 2015 front cover

2014 Bygone Days

Calendar 2014 front cover

2013 An East End Calendar

Calendar 2013 front cover

2012 People and Places across our Parish

Calendar 2012 front cover

2011 Easington Through the Seasons

Calendar 2011 front cover

2010 Easington Through the Seasons

Calendar 2010 front cover