Philip Warrener Loten; Taxidermist & Museum Creator

By Mike Welton


This is the story of an Easington man, who possessed many talents and has been overlooked for many years.  Born in 1845, he lived for many years in the old Neptune Inn.  He was by trade a tailor, but turned his talents and skills to become a self-taught taxidermist, working with anything he could find on the beach foreshore and in the fields and meadows surrounding the village.

One of his renowned exhibits was that of the ‘Story of Cock Robin’, a depiction of the old Victorian nursery rhyme, which was housed in several glass cases and all created from birds he found in the area.  Of a more bizarre nature he made exhibits from fish scales, onion skins, postage stamps and even dead men’s finger nails!

His work far superseded many other taxidermists of the Victorian era, but probable due to his geographic position he never really got the recognition he truly deserved.  This book should hopefully go some way to rectifying that situation, and give his talents the wider audience that it deserves, whilst at the same time putting Easington on the map in historic interest.

Compiled and written by Mike Welton, and the sixth publication by SKEALS, the book is on sale at only 5.00 (plus 2.00 P&P).  Contact the author, tel. 01964 650265, email: (ISBN 978-1-9993377-0-4)

Launched August 2019.