by Mike Welton

Blackmoor pub 01
Blackmoor, Kilnsea

These premises were originally a farm called Blackmoor Farm, also known locally as Click’em or Clickham Farm, built in the middle of the 19th century.

The farm overlooked the Humber and consisted of around 30 acres. It was owned by the Hodgson family. By 1881 most of the land had been sold and it was down to nine acres.

Blackmoor pub 02
Aerial shot of Blackmoor Farm in 1964

From 1965 until 1970 the premises were owned by a couple, George and Jenny Collinson, and used as part small holding, part scrap yard.

Later still, a couple named Mel and Marion? converted it into a restaurant/drinking place. This proved to be very successful - a popular and well used stop for revellers!

In November 1990 a fire destroyed much of the property.

Blackmoor pub 03
Blackmoor restaurant after the fire

Blackmoor pub 04
Another view of the Blackmoor after the fire in 1990

A new building was erected on the same site in August 1991 and re-named 'Riverside', but it is no longer open.

Blackmoor pub 05
The replacement building today, now known as Riverside, remains closed down, its future uncertain