Michael Pattinson - Age 81 Years
Nancy Pattinson - Age 18 Years
Ann Pattinson - Age 70 Years

  The gravestone of Robert Charlton who was mysteriously drowned.
  The plaque on the wall inside the Church dedicated to Michael Pattinson, his wife Nancy and their daughter Ann.
Photograph - Mike Welton

Inscription reads: Sacred to the memory of Michael Pattinson of Burton Pidsea, who departed this life September 12th 1812 aged 81 years. And of Nancy his daughter who died August 7th 1804 aged 18 years. Also Ann Pattinson relict of Michael Pattinson who died 10th Sept 1827 aged 70 years.


Parish register: 1812 Sep 19th Michael Pattinson from Beverley, Gentleman
                              1804 Aug 10th Nancy dau.of Michl: Pattinson Burton
                              1827 Sep 16th Ann Pattinson, Hull 70


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